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About Alphawave

Alphawave began when our founders wanted to create a very simple web app. Finding developers who were willing to do a one-time project was nearly impossible, and developing the app was weeks longer and thousands of dollars more than what was originally quoted.

We started Alphawave so you don't have to go through the same nightmare that we did. Alphawave is built on simplicity and transparency - we want tech development to be accessible to everyone.

We have team members in Seattle, Paris, and Gujarat, India. Alphawave developers are market leaders in web development and maintenance, mobile app development, content management systems, eCommerce, custom graphics and web design, web analytics, search engine optimization, hosting services, and more.

tl;dr: we built Alphawave to make your tech dreams come true. 

Meet the Team


Meghna Sarvaiya

CEO / Co-Founder


Clarabeth Smith

President / Co-Founder

What's Important to Us



A portion of our proceeds go towards investing in disenfranchised groups in Gujarat, India and its surrounding areas.



AlphaWave encourages female leadership and creates a safe, equitable work environment free from discrimination and harrassment.

Fairness + Transparency

All employees participate in management decisions. We are transparent in our practices and report annually on how we are progressing to our goals. 



We offer scholarships and internships to women pursuing STEM-based careers, in efforts to decrease the gender gap within the tech industry.


We're part of

1% for the Planet

A global movement co-created by renowned environmentalists Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthews, 1% for the Planet inspires businesses and individuals to give back to the Earth in a way that’s impactful and long-lasting. 


As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, AlphaWave now pledges to donate at least 1% of every sale to support environmental non-profit organizations. Watch this space to find out how we’ll be contributing.

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