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A DIY Computer Science Degree

So you want to learn computer programming - now what?

Alphawave is here for you: we recently launched our DIY Dev pages that are packed full of free (!!) books, resources, videos, and more! Whether you want to learn a specific coding language or are looking for advice on what to name your startup, our DIY Dev pages have it all. We're calling it Alphawave Academy - like an Ivy league , but without the student loans.

Here's an overview of what Alphawave Academy has to offer:

Programming Languages

From ADA to Vim, these free books offer you a deep-dive into a variety of languages.

Artificial Intelligence

Whether you want to train your computer to identify upcoming fashion trends or generate ideas for what to name your burner Instagram account, you'll find everything you need here.

Computer Science Theory

Here you'll learn about a range of topics surrounding the discipline of Computer Science. 

All About Data

These resources will help you with the collection, storage, and analysis of various data. 

Professional Development

These are our trade secrets to becoming an excellent computer programmer, taken from all corners of the Internet. 

Startup Stuff

These resources will help you get your startup moving. They are our tried-and-true recommendations for almost every component of your business.

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