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Our Favorite Books for New Startups (By Female Authors!)

As a female-founded tech company, we love elevating the voices of other women working in male-dominated fields. If you have ever read books written for startup founders, chances are, the author was male. 

Today we’re highlighting our favorite books about startups, written by female authors. Let us know your own recommendations and opinions in the comments below!

New Startup Mindset: Ten Mindset Shifts to Build the Company of Your Dreams by Sandra Shpilberg

This book helped us overcome the mental and emotional barriers of starting our company. Sandra Shpilberg debunks all of the Silicon Valley myths and confirms that yes, you are capable of building and growing an impactful business. If you practice mindfulness, Ms. Shpilberg also has a wonderful Insight Timer channel.

Shirt Tales: The Stories Behind a Successful Start-up by Nancy Gold

Shirt Tales “tracks the highs, lows, lessons and breakthroughs of a start-up business that has survived and thrived.” It provides a roadmap, with real-world examples, of how to start a successful business. 

Scaling Global Change: A Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Surviving the Start-up Phase and Driving Impact by Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman

Written by the founders of Room to Read, Scaling Global Change will be invaluable to anyone starting a nonprofit or social enterprise. What we like about Scaling Global Change is that it not only provides tips on objective measures, it offers guidance on how to create a healthy company culture and ensure that everyone in your organization is supported and fulfilled. In addition, all royalties from the sale of this book support Room to Read!

Startups and Downs: The Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs by Mona Bijoor

We often hear the words “grit” and “resilience” in the startup world, and this book offers advice on how to embrace these qualities within your own business. With personal stories and advice from other successful entrepreneurs, Bijoor offers guidance on how to anticipate and accept failures, and how to navigate the ups and downs of building a business. It’s a quick, fun read that will help you feel more prepared for whatever challenges may come your way.

Yes, You Can Do This!: How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build the Life They Want by Claudia Reuter

We recommend this book to anyone just starting out in building their dream business. Reuter, a TechStars alum, shares the lessons she learned when she left her corporate career to start her own business. She offers practical advice for scenarios that every entrepreneur will face. 

Leapfrog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs by Sara Grace and Nathalie Molina Niño

What can we say, we loved Leapfrog. You can start reading from anywhere in the book and find golden advice for how to succeed as a female entrepreneur. The 50 lessons have helped us become better negotiators, managers, advocates, and entrepreneurs. We recommend this book to every fellow female founder.

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