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The Best Startup Advice

The Alphawave team is full of avid learners. If you’re like us, you love to do research and spend your time learning as much as you can about as much as you can. 

When we started Alphawave, we scoured the internet for the best advice on starting and running a company, which led us to this list.

If you’re beginning a new venture, or just want to learn more about how startups work, check out the list below to get started!

"Make sure to take breaks, spend time with friends and family, get enough sleep and exercise in between bouts of extraordinarily intense, focused work."

Geoff Ralston, Michael Seibel, from YC’s Essential Startup Advice

"The best piece of advice I can give is: just get started."

Melanie Perkins, from 28 Successful Founders Share Their Advice on How To Start a Startup

"I think the sign of a good entrepreneur is the ability to spot your mistakes, correct quickly and not repeat the mistakes."

Mark Suster, from Startup Advice | Both Side of the Table

"The joy is in the getting there."

Barbara Corcoran, from Startup Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs

"Look first for startup ideas in markets where you have experience. The ideal market is where you have a reputation, or personal connections or former customers."

Chad Perry, referencing Professor Newton Campus, in The 1 Piece of Advice That Causes 97% of Startups to Fail

""Profound motivations will take you a lot further than chasing money or a big exit. Bring something to life, solve a real problem or just build a big vision of the future."

Rus Yusupov, from The best advice for entrepreneurs, from 16 real people who started their own companies

"You don’t have to let other people define success for you. Do it for yourself. Think about what an ideal lifestyle actually looks like for you, then build your business working backwards from there."

Alex Turnbull, from 7 No-Nonsense Pieces of Startup Advice I Wish I Got When I Started

"The startup idea you pursue should be one you’ve beenunconsciously preparing for your whole life.It should be about your strengths, not just a gap you see in a market."

Brian Scordato, from Startup Advice: Build for Your Unfair Advantage

"Set a clear, easy-to-understand vision for your company, and make it be a mission people believe in."

Sam Altman, from Startup advice from Sam Altman

And our personal favorite,

"Give before you get."

Jamyn Edis, From 10 Startup Founders Tell Us: The Best Advice I've Ever Received

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