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So you lost your job due to COVID-19. Now what?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Remember when we were told that it would only take 14 day to flatten the curve and we'd be back to normal? Now, six months later, the only thing that seems to have flattened is our hope that we'll ever get out of this mess.

If you're part of the 40+ million Americans (and nearly 1 BILLION people globally) who lost their job to COVID-19, you may be thinking now what?

Nobody is hiring, unemployment benefits are barely sufficient to live, and it's hard to find purpose and motivation when your days are spent waiting for time to pass.

It was this exact scenario that catalysed us to start Alphawave. I found myself jobless in May, the open positions weren't relevant to my skills, and I was scrambling to find something to do. My friends and I had an app idea, but reading post after post about nightmare development experiences scared us away. Apparently nightmare development experiences are pretty common.

We created Alphawave so you don't have to go through this nightmare. We're here to help you - easily and quickly - realize that business idea you've always had.

If you're like I was - jobless, prospectless, and overall a little hopeless - I encourage you to create that project, because the world needs it. At Alphawave, we're prepared to support you through the whole process. We'll help you with whatever you want to build.

The ideas that you have can change the world; jump in! Your project could make peoples' lives easier, bring much-needed joy to someone's day, and even break down the walls of systemic injustice. In these unprecedented times, we desperately need dreamers and do-ers. Let us make that dream a reality - we can't wait to watch you change the world with it.

Now is the perfect time - what do you have to lose?

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