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What We Loved and Learned in October

For us at Alphawave, October was a welcome transition into cooler weather and more productive days. We felt like October was a month full of focus and hope, despite everything, and we're excited to see what November has in store for us.

This is what we loved and learned in October - let us know in the comments your favorites!


Folks, the future is here: we can now learn new languages through video games! LingoLegend is launching soon and to say we're excited to try it is a do you say...understatement.

Tweek Calendar

We're always on the lookout for simple and functional calendar apps. Tweek has it all - whether you're a student organizing your courses or an executive planning your schedule of weekly meetings, Tweek will be a good fit.


Waffle is a group journal so we can more easily stay in touch with loved ones far away. We're super excited to try Waffle with our besties and family members across the globe.

Nathalie Lete

French artist Nathalie Lete has hand-painted her entire home as a whimsical fairyland, and this profile is giving us excellent inspo for our work-from-home setups. You can see more of Madame Lete's work on her website.

Merriam-Webster Time Traveler

This fun feature lets you discover which words were introduced in the year of your choosing. Today I learned I was born the same year as the word "bootylicious". The more you know.

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