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What We Loved and Learned in September

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” - Anne of Green Gables

Well friends, the wheel of time keeps rolling and here we are, already in October. 

September looked very different from previous years, but we enjoyed feeling the cool breezes and watching the leaves change from the comfort of the great indoors. The plants in my balcony garden that I lovingly planted at the beginning of quarantine have been harvested, and the activities and trips on my “Summer Bucket List” Pinterest board have been postponed until next year (hopefully!). Fall is rolling in slowly; days are getting shorter, my morning walks are getting colder, and the coffee has switched from iced lattes to PSLs.

As we welcome in this new month, we wanted to reflect on what we learned and loved in September. It was fleeting, but it was good. Here’s what we’ll remember:


The brainchild of Cornell students, QBuddy helps you meet people virtually while in quarantine. They use AI to match buddies based on interests and backgrounds. New friends without having to leave the house? Sign us up!

Startups using Tech for Good


Finally, a way to feel productive while binging our favorite shows! Every time you stream Netflix, Prime, or Hulu, sponsors will donate to a charity of your choice. So far, they’ve donated over 34,000 meals to people in need.


NebulaData collects your anonymous browser data and monetizes it to donate to charities. As you browse, you can be supporting the California Wildfire Relief Fund, Feeding America, or COVID-19 essential workers.

Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts matches charities with your interests, and even sorts out which charities will get the most done with your dollars. 

Window Swap

Window Swap is the ultimate escapism in the time of COVID - their website streams views from the windows of people all over the world. I spent a good 10 minutes lost in a Hawaiian rainstorm this morning, it was beautiful.

Nike’s PLAYlist

For those with kiddos at home, Nike has compiled short videos that star kids and famous athletes showing engaging ways to stay active. If your little ones are distance-learning, let the PLAYlist step in as an extra PE teacher.


If you want to brush up your tech vocabulary, or if you simply love learning like we do, LearnTechTerms is a free (!) newsletter that sends a new tech term to your inbox each morning: from software engineering, digital marketing, graphic design, user experience, and plenty of related fields. 

Friluftsliv, The Norweigan Concept of “Outdoor Living”

As we prepare for a winter indoors, we’re excited to embrace this lifestyle through outdoor picnics, snowy walks, and rainy bike rides. 

That’s all from us at Alphawave - let us know what you loved and learned in the comments below! Sending our best to you during these challenging times - stay safe and healthy.

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